Manifest – ENG

The revised manifesto

Manifesto agreed on the electoral congress on the 2nd of October, 2016 in Berlin, updated and supplemental on the 2nd congress on the 12th of November, 2017 in Wuppertal

1. The future of the humanity stands at stake The problems before which the humanity stands, today are countless and basic kind: Our planet heads for an environmental disaster. Air, country and seas are poisoned and contaminated with radioaktivity, so long to themselves make with it money, profit is achievable. Germany is involved here hard – one remembers only the diesel scandal in which all automonopolies and government parties are involved. Besides, the global warming is only one of many Kon-sequences of the thoughtless overexploitation in the nature.

In the companies the exploitation of the workers, workers and employee becomes

sharpens. After the parliamentary elections in 2017 threatens in many companies massive Arbeitsplatzvernich-tung. The scissors between arm and empire gape further and further. Social un-justice is everyday and should be almost normalised by politics and media. The people should be split, while the unemployed person envies the worker his job, and the worker fear is made, the unemployed person would maybe get some euro too much. Nobody should come along about the true trigger and the beneficiaries almost of all problems of ours Ge-sellschaft thoughts: The insatiable profit avarice of the large corporations and major banks with the help of the willfähriger politicians and female politicians who exploit person and nature! Many trade union leaders see themselves as a co-manager and evaluate it already as a success if Choosing tongues are reduced. A society oriented on maximum profit, in that all Be reaches from economy up to social, even interpersonal relations after monetary things (should line up, leads to life-hostile relations.

Women earn on average still clearly less than her male colleagues.

And because these are generally they who look after the education of children, care of old people and sick people, they are threatened massively by (age) poverty. It is a disgrace for this society that single parents and her children belong to the poorest of the society. Today women have to do themselves like yesterday with sexist attacks from

each other put. They attacks on the sexual self-determination of women are particularly from media interest when they are of use to racist rush. But a movement ge-to sexism and racism develops. The internationalistic alliance answers for the strengthening of the combative women’s movement.

Fascism, racism and xenophobia are given more room in society by the government which moves more and more to the right side. Fascistic and organisations close to fascism get broad influence. The NPD is not forbidden, although is covered by the inhabitant of Potsdam agreement. The police fights to free to right marchings up the street, while left Al of ler directions are covered and are suppressed openly and are fought. The AfD was promoted as to be a so called protest party before all things in the middle-class media systematically and was revalued. The encouraged illusions, it is a protest party, as well as a right trend in the population.

Under the pretext of the terrorism fight the Federal Government does not support possibly the fight against the fascistic, barbarian IS in Syria, Iraq and other countries without reservation, but criminalises fighters for freedom, for democratic and civil rights, advanced forces, for example, from Turkey and Kurdistan. On behalf of dictatorial governments she closes this in the prison. Although the Erdogan’s government carries out a fascistic politics, is held on by the Federal Government in the dirty deal with the Turkish state. He entitles Palestinian fight for independence and everybody / r which is united with him, is criminalised and criticism of the politics of the Israeli government is defamed by Se as anti-semitic.

Thus the Federal Government moves inside as in terms of foreign policy on and on to the right and if democratic rights and freedoms limit step by step. State Trojan to About wachung from PCs, mobile phones and messenger services, foot chains, veil search etc. The right to demonstrate is diminished, above all youthful opponents of the G20 summit are criminalised and suppressed with massive punishments.

Youngsters must position themselves to the challenge, themselves in these depressing and Be to win drohlichen society a future. They know that they are those which must live with the consequences of the mistakes from today. Last year a new youth movement started to develop – just also in the refugee’s solidarity. Under Ju-gendlichen could dot the AfD in the least one. The search after social Alternati-ven is the strongest under the youth. We support if youngsters rebel against man to schenden social relations, promote the narrow union with the labour movement, environmental movement and women’s movement and are for the union of Jung and Old.

In spite of unequivocal refusal in the population armed forces applications become on and on vast and the war rhetoric heated up. The general war danger, even the danger of the third world war, grows alarmingly. Imperialistic wars cause measure geblich destructions and escape waves. We fight against every imperialism whether he goes out from Wa-shington, Moscow, Berlin, Ankara, Brussels or somewhere else. Besides, primarily we turn of course against the German Federal Government which has earned her „peaceful“ little coat by no means. We put this main focus because we ourselves act in Germany and it is essential to fight against the imperialists in own country.

In our country something must radically change.

All Federal Governments – whether CDU / SPD, CDU / FDP, SPD / FDP or SPD/green – positioned themselves openly against the interests of the mass of the population. They shortened the most elementary social achievements from supposedly alternatively loose“ material compulsions, while milliards are ready for bank rescues and group rescues. Also every future Federal Government will continue this course within the scope of capitalism.

Besides, they became and become up to few exceptions by the german government, the country parlaments and local parliaments and the middle-class parties by the majority represented in them of CSU up to the Greens supports without reservation. Width parts of the guidance of the party „DIE LINKE“ and her representatives in different governments have proved that they belong to the established, state-weight-bearing forces.

This state is obliged only to the interests of the economy and gets her all freedoms.

However, a jungle in bureaucratic editions, an army to privileged bureaucrat as well as a too taking armed apparatus of violence suppress the mass of the population.

We demand a removal of the democratic rights and freedoms in the society and

suitable changes of the electoral law.

We cannot fight against the social mismanagement in Germany,

if we do not challenge the government and the power of the international large corporations and major banks, and take in the visor! All these problems explain themselves by the capitalistic system – It is the cause!

2. Our answer: We move up! Even if we have differences of opinion, we work and fight together in questions where we agree.

Therefore, we have ourselves to an alliance more internationalistically, more anti-fascist, ecological, revolutionary and class-combative organisations and individuals united. We are people from the work force, the women’s movement, environmental-moved, farmers and small businessman, internationalist, pensioner like Jugendli-che, Germans and migrants. We work together equally and in a nonpartisan way.

In our principles one says: The social polarisation is the hour of her

to advanced and revolutionary forces if they unite. (¼) Then without change of the social relations no basic problem can be solved in the today’s time. To this strategical look for the future Men-schen we feel obliged and want to overcome the disunity of the revolutionary potential in Germany.“

3. Not with us! We do not accept that the Mediterranean Sea becomes the common grave, the EU with new fences and walls insulates that the planet earth is made uninhabitable and greed produces of some produces misery for milliards.

We fight resolutely and strictly for a worth living future!

4. Solidarity against inhumanity

To many people it is clear that must be done a little bit. Since the refugee’s crisis from 2015 9 million people in the refugee’s help became active. Hundred thousands, above all Migran-tinnen and migrants, support democratic and fights for independence in her origin to countries. From the German government with supported wars in debt in the world require disinterested, united help by the reconstruction of the destroyed countries. The thought of the internationalistic alliance originated at the solidarity brigade ICOR in 2015 in Kobanê / Nordsyrien. 177 people of different nationality and world view built up a health centre in the town destroyed by the war.

Everywhere in Germany the people position themselves to right marchings up in the way and lead an anti-fascist fight. Workers, workers and employees struck only in 2015 and 2016. In the steel industry, with airlines, in hospitals the people take up the fight for her jobs. Hundred thousands are involved in an honourary capacity or self off in her towns and municipalities in the most different interests – in the sport, in the environment protection or also in the trade unions and social associations – mismanagement and pillories uncovers them in.

The person is still denigrated as by nature from“ egoistically. All these examples Be

show to us the opposite! Every application is also important for itself alone, but we must unite to win together basic changes.

5. Take the problems at their root! The fight for concrete improvements is right and important, but changes nothing in the system.

Therefore, revolutionary changes are necessary.

We fight for a society without exploitation of the person by the person. We fight for a society in which the unity of person and nature is a guideline. We fight for a society, in the imperialistic wars, fascism and racism

no more place have.

Like this looks and is reached, about that there are different views. For many comrades-in-arms and female comrades-in-arms of our alliance this relieved society is able

be only the socialism which must process the experiences in the socialist construction of the 20th century creatively.

Fight to the anti-communism – revolution is no crime The Federal Government and the manipulation of public opinion of the ruling defames Kommunis-

mush as totalitarian, terrorist and criminally. Her „link extremism“ – the campaign which was kicked off after the big protests against the G20 summit in 2017 also serves him. For her crisis-shaken capitalism they can wander like a ghost the people only with difficulty Be, which is why every thought of a basic social alternative should be suffocated in the germ. They will not manage this!

With §§129a / B become currently above all Turkish and Kurdish migrants and female migrants criminalised which fight against the fascistic dictatorship in Turkey and the fascistic, barbari-schen IS. Even criticism of Erdogan and his party AKP can lead thus to the pursuit in Germany. However, every person who wants to remove capitalism radically becomes feel sooner or later with such suppression measures confronted. We are not ready to submit to him!

At the same time become fascistic and fascistic organisations together with her terror (NSU, NPD, the IS with fascists like aniseed Amri) did not forbid, exhausted or pushed away. Besides, the clarification of the role of the protection of the constitution is hindered and suppressed.

6. Important common slogans and demands are: Further thus? No to thanks! We step one for: Fight for the improvement of the social situation of the working at the expenses of the profits and För-

derung of the labour movement! Politics for Arbeiter*innen instead of multi-millionaires!

A generally and entire legal strike right – including the right on

political strikes! Since trade unions must be fight organisations of the Arbeiter*innen and no co-managers!

Fight of the increasing social inequality, the temporary work and the Hartz laws! For

a higher pension level. Away with the pension with 67! The social securities must be paid by a social tax on the turnovers to 100% of the capitalists. From creation of the privileges for officials. The same right for everybody. Rise and boundless Zah-lung of the ALG I for the duration of the unemployment! Lowering of the retirement age for 60 years for men and for 55 years for women and layer workers and treacly workers – more fully Rentenaus-immediately!

Increase of the top rate of income tax on 50% of the incomes more than 80,000 euros and 60% more than 150,000 euros with single disposition!

For the 30-hour week without cuts in payment! This would become purely computational with from creation of all extra hours lead to 8 millions new jobs.

Rebellion against the special lack of rights and exploitation of young workers, how by Lending one work, stipulation of a time limit, splitting in family staffs and Subunternehmen! At least 10% of education rate in the large-scale industry! Unlimited takeover of all trainees ent-speaking of the education!

A turning away from the European Union which betrays the interests of the easy people, serves the banks and quite openly builds up an army to protect the free access to the raw materials of the world for himself. For the purposes of the friendship between nations: Rebellion against the imperia-cunning broad EU is justified!

We answer for a world, in the people self-determined on basis of the solidarity

to the mutual use live together.

The logical criminal pursuit of environmental criminals, how the person responsible

of the VW scandal and the criminal autocartel. If the environment saves before the profit economy! We need immediate measures in the climate protection and for the protection of the seas and woods.

Building freeze and closing of all nuclear plants at the expenses of the operators – worldwide!

Gradual and compensation entire then of fossil fuels by regenerative Energi-en! Power production above all from the sun, wind, water and next regenerative Ener-giequellen! No to Fracking – without If and, However!

Removal of a free public local traffic on the basis of renewable energy! Fight against pointless large-scale projects like Stuttgart 21 or REP. fight for the freeing of the woman – against sexism and every form gender suppression and discrimination! For the economic, social and cultural equalization of the women and the recognition of her life achievement with the pension! Certified whole day care in child without paying day facilities and schools!

Support of the entitled demands of small farmers and middle farmers, craftsmen and

small businessman! Fight to the unfair competition by mega groups!

Producer’s prices of the agriculture must orientate themselves by the costs of the production.

An increase of the producer’s prices with concurrent lowering of the consumer price on fondling ten of the intermediate trade and the big discount shops (n.: These are up to 70% of the sales!

Support of environmentally friendly cultivation methods and appropriate to the species keeping of pets! More radically Back one

build to the mass keeping of pets! Ban of Glyphosat!

For a free, uniform and certified education system of the cradle up to

College! Fight of the Knebelung of science, research and culture by Profitin-teressen of the monopolies! For free political activity at schools and colleges on anti fascistic basis!

Abolition §§129 a/b, ending of the criminalisation of advanced forces! Demolition of the diplomatic relations of the Federal Government with Turkey under faschis-

if Erdoğan regimes serve!

For the self-determination right of the people – freedom for Kurdistan and Palestine! We demand the end of the undemocratic suppression of this legitimate concern. We demand the end of the fascistic suppression of people.

Nobody Foot-broadly to the fascism, all the same of which national or religious coinage! Ban of al fascistic organisations and her propaganda! Zero tolerance for Rassis-mush – whether anti-semitic, islamophober or other coinage.

Fight against political suppression and for the preservation and removal of democratic rights and freedoms! Immediate release and acquittal of all advanced ones politically Arresting ten!

For the right on escape – equal rights for everybody permanently in Germany living people – long live the international solidarity! Rebellion against the racist asylum politics, the discrimination of fled and the splitting into Germans undMigranten. We stand for an integration for the purposes of a fusion of the people of different nationality with equal rights and duties. Common fight for a world without exploitation and suppression. Active and passive franchise for lasting here living (see Wahlpro-

grammes) migrants and female migrants! Abolition of the reactionary foreign law! 100-percent takeover of the refugee’s costs by the Federal Government!

Fight to the state supervision mania – for effective data protection and abolition

the data retention! Fight of the corruption and authority arbitrariness! Fight of the citizens war preparation, spying and police terror!

No German troops abroad – against every imperialistic aggression – for peace

and friendship between nations!

For a relieved society without exploitation and suppression – this is for many Mitstrei-

ter*innen the socialism which belongs as a social alternative in the focus of every trendsetting discussion.

7. A real alternative is logical on the left! The internationalistic alliance represents these aims together. We maintain solidaric, deferential contact with each other. Available differences of opinion are respected and discussed with a united quarrel culture openly. The internationalistic alliance also sees itself as a platform, reservations by a common practise to überwin-him. Labour movement and environmental movement; women and men, boy and old person; people unter schiedlicher nationality, Ethnien, religion; honest social democrats, autonomous Antifaschis-ten, communists, environmental-moved – everybody together against the swing to the right of the government! A splitting in umpteen different groupings uses only the powerful figure who can only always receive her power if they split us. The crises of capitalism, by them pay rich governments on and on to the right move, are to us an urgent order: It is a time to become active independently. It is a time to unite.

We are persuaded that a real change in the society wins who

him has to do that the progress can be put through only from below upwards.

Which are on top are full. They want no change in a world, them alone theirs

Interests have subordinated: Who has, to that is given. These are the masses einfa-chen people in whose interest it lies to change the world. These are alone this Mas-sen which are able to change the world. To their union and fight is valid un-sere work.

We want to overcome the past and worth living, fair ones with the people

Future win. How the future looks, we decide everybody.

Strengthen the internationalistic alliance!

The revised Principles of the internationalistic alliance of advancedly and revolutionary forces in Germany

Decided on the congress on the 2nd of October, 2016 in Berlin, updates and extends by the 2nd congress on the 12th of November, 2017 in Wuppertal

1. The internationalistic, class-combative, anti-fascist, ecological and revolutionary forces of the working-class movement, women’s movement, youth movement and environmental movement must work together en-ger! Since without change of the social relations no basic problem can be solved in the today’s time. To this strategical look for the future of the people we feel obliged and want to overcome the disunity of the revolutionary potential in Germany. We develop organised To sammenarbeit on the basis of the fight in the varied questions in which unity exists.

For the improvement of the social situation of the working and support Arbeiterbewe-gung! Fight against the menacing global environmental disaster! For the freeing of the woman! Support of the rebellion of the youth! Common fight for the perspective for the youth! Support of the entitled demands of small farmers and middle farmers! For an advanced and internationalistic refugee policy! Rebellion against the EU – as an imperialistic and capitalistic alliance – is justified! Nobody Foot-broadly to the fascism – for a ban of all fascistic organisations! Fight against political suppression and for democratic rights and freedoms! Equal rights for all people permanently living in Germany, active and passive franchise for migrants! Abolition of the foreign right! For the right on escape! For an unlimited right of political asylum for all suppressed on anti fascistic basis! For equal rights all permanently in Germany living person! For peace and friendship between nations! Solidarity with the worldwide fight for social and national freeing! For internationa-le working-class unity! High the international solidarity! Refusal of every kind of the class cooperation politics! For a relieved society without exploitation and suppression! The socialist alternative is a firm component of the alliance.

2. The social polarisation is the hour of the advanced and revolutionary forces if they unite. We fight against the reactionary politics of the governments moved to the right and ultrareactionary and fascistic forces. Together kön-nen we form a socially relevant, clear advanced and revolutionary pole, the attraction on the masses will unfold. For it we use among other things election turnouts and run for election as an „internationalistic list / MLPD“ (with country and Bundestagswah-len, because here only parties can put up lists. At municipal level electoral alliances are possible). All involved forces have the right to suggest candidates for it and, besides, are considered.

We conduct common electoral campaigns as a school of the future cooperation. All Be teiligten develop beside the common campaign her independent electoral advertisement.

3. Mutual support attention, and cooperation! Everybody involved Organi-sationen keeps independence and takes over at the same time the responsibility for the success of the common work. They decide in each case themselves in which activities or publications of the alliance they take part. They keep the right to carry out theirs eigenstän-dige work. However, received obligations are fulfilled reliably. Ever the partner can introduce proposals for common projects.

4. We work together on eye level and democratically. All involved forces are equal. Arrangements should become by agreement in the way of the consensus principle ge-dripped. With respect of ideological-political differences of opinion can be ever caused, nevertheless, in questions by practical need and if after fatiguing discussion no consensus could be produced, a majority decision. With Ta to gespolitischen questions the majority of 50 percent, with programmatic questions is the 80-percent majority inevitably.

5. We maintain a democratic and united quarrel culture. No public attacks on other partners and no interference in the internal affairs involved Or-ganisationen. We see the practical cooperation also as a basis for intensi-ve discussion of the involved forces for a standardization about further content questions.

6. The alliance will gather regularly at central level. In unity with it the cooperation is sped up above all at the local level. At local / regional level regular wide alliance meetings should be carried out approx. all 3 months which every organisation and the platforms can send representative and send, in addition, also different groups (refugees, migrant’s groups without Organisatio-nen/associations) Delegate. The local / regional alliances choose to themselves coordinations – also as a contact. The construction is stimulated by platforms. Örtli-che/regional alliances are able and should develop special projects. Presently the construction of national coordinations is not forced.

7. The alliance congresses choose an alliance advice which exists of the principal involved organisations and currents and some individuals. The alliance advice can make decisions on basis of the alliance congresses and the agreed document mente (manifesto, principles, bases and structures). The alliance advice meets as a rule all three months. He determines a central coordination group which meets approx. all 6 weeks and co-ordinates the conversion of the decisions of the alliance advice. In the alliance advice all carrier organisations have a firm seat and name in addition one to two representatives who can be represented. Nationwide organisations have: in up to 100 towns work = 10 voices which in up to 200 towns work = 20 voices which in up to 300 towns there work = 30 voices, in 300 and more towns there work = 40 voices. Regional organisations have 4, local organisations 2 voices, individuals 1 voice.

8. The platforms choose to themselves coordinations and fix her approach, rhythm of her meetings. Organisations and people are invited to co-operate on basis of the principles of the internationalistic alliance in platforms.

9. Municipal politics is a component of our principles and our work. Sensible Verbesse-posts, entitled protests, political opposition should be reflected in the work of the alliance ever currently publicly recognizably and national and regional organisation form the possibility give to help in the alliance actively.

10. The alliance is financially independent. The alliance advice chooses cashier and Kassenprü-fer. It finances activities to themselves from contributions of the involved forces, donations and common finance. Election campaigns are financed by two columns: central cash for commonly schaftliche duties and regional and local financing of the activities by örtli-to chen alliances and voters‘ initiatives.

11. The cooperation in the alliance requires the recognition of the principles and practical Aktivi-tät in her sense. The candidates for elections are engaged to the candidate principles of the alliance – ses. The cooperation is excluded from fascists and anti-Communists.

Final resolution of the 2nd alliance congress

Final resolution of the 2nd congress of the internationalistic alliance in the 11/12/2017 in 2015 the solidarity brigade ICOR took place in Kobanê for the construction of a health centre.

There originated the thought to work together in projects like this about ideological borders away more narrowly. In the health centre in Kobane 4000 babies were already born – the internationalistic alliance is a next!

On the 1st alliance congress in autumn, 2016 the mainstays of our work were laid

and we have given directives to our work. This was moved by the engagement all Bündnismit-limbs, of the alliance advice and many friends. Thus we could master a success rich work!

We have led MLPD two election campaigns as an internationalistic list, have solidarity

with political prisoners of the ATIK and the Kurdish and Palestinian freeing fight organised, the criminal machinations of VW und Co. fought, against the G20 summit has offered and have the fascist Paroli.

The today’s alliance congress with 330 participants brought a big political action variety

to the expression. There is already a rich experience in practical cooperation in the union of different people and political actors. The congress expressed that many people have interest in a cooperation and cooperation with our alliance. We do not fight any more detached of each other, but have integrated our schiedenen concerns and fights. Is certain: The internationalistic alliance has entered the political stage and has become in short time an approved strength!

After the parliamentary elections there are reinforced right trends in possible new (Yes

maika) governments, parts of the society and the AfD group. Growing war danger, umwelterzerstörerische measures, job destruction with AirBerlin, steel or the automobile industry, constant creation of new escape causes uvm. throw up with the masses of new questions. Many feel challenged: Here one can watch no longer idly! Time something is to be done to unite time!

Here the internationalistic alliance has a whole-social job. His Stär-

kung is essential conclusions from the increase of the crisis of the Kapitalis-mush. SPD and Green preach from the unity of the society. However, for us there is no unity with environmental criminals, fascists, racists and exploiters! Against them it is a matter, of going out into the streets of rebelling and protest.

This organises the internationalistic alliance and organises for it the unity of her

Arbeiter*innen in the east and west, with the mass of the migrants, small farmer, rebellious Ju-gendlichen, career women, the ecological movement. The potential to the union of many these people grows. However, to lift the potentials, work is necessary! For it su-chen we of the internationalistic alliance the conversation, perform conviction work, are open for a pugnacious and united discussion. We close more and more anti fascists, internationalists, class-combative workers and female workers, revolutionaries

and environmental-moved people together. Our platforms organise and promote the fight of the masses and working class in her concerns – locally, on the regional level, all over the country. In the upcoming pay rounds we support the fight for reduction in working hours without cuts in payment and them long ago due adjustment of the wages in the east and west. We do not accept it that child poverty and old-age poverty grows, rents and food prices rise! We will energetically walk towards every job destruction, thus in the automobile industry, to the planned bill closings in 2018 and the results for the supplier’s industry. The alliance congress decided also to build up a municipal-political platform. We co-operate dar-in that a strong peace movement originates against the risky war cookers on the ser world.

Here we will prove ourselves in the political practise. If the discussion also belongs to it a social alternative to capitalism, which is why a discussion about the Sozialis-mush is a component. The alliance clearly wants to increase and strengthen, next Trägerorga-nisationen and people from different spectra win and for it carry out a politics of-fenen door.

The alliance congress decided a revised manifesto, chose an alliance advice, was glad to itself about new Mitstreiter*innen and carrier organisations and was determined for the other fight against the swing to the right of the government and different forces in the society!

Decided on the 12.11.17 in Wuppertal